medical monday: rectum? damn near killed ‘em

medical monday: chill pill and returning after a long hiatus

my thoughts on AA

i have an obsession with american apparel. there is something to be said about a company that can turn cotton basics into sexy cotton basics. feeling frumpy? don’t just throw on a spaghetti strap slip on a slutty camisole. their ads have nipples exposed, the areola people, the areola.  plus anyone who brought back lamé and exploits my love for u-backs and lace is alright with me. anyway, since working i have toned down my wardrobe a little but still thought that AAs interlock turtleneck dress was appropriate to wear. while wearing said dress the mother of one of the patients turned to me and said, “i have to ask…” now when that phrase prefaces any question, i should have known to brace myself. just  like when someone says “i hate to say it but…” you probably shouldn’t because if you hate to say something, the receiver probably hates to hear it, or when my mom says “i’m not racist but insert inexcusably racist statement here” preemptively defending what you haven’t said yet or clarifying that you have to ask something instead of simply asking it,  probably means you shouldn’t. my mind raced: i have to ask: …what kind of asian are you? …did you know you your dress is tucked into your underwear? …did you know you were adopted?

“i have to ask are you pregnant?”

so i guess AA’s interlock turtleness dress looks so sexed up, i looked knocked up. i’m not sure if i should just laugh or never wear the dress again.

nailed it: garden party

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medical monday: linkin park sez it doesn’t really matter

resolution 11/52: jump, java, an’ wail

after realizing that i spend 3 dollars per cup of half coffee and half milk every day, even i was appalled at my ridiculous self. this week’s resolution was to start making my own. as a side not the froth au lait mini is amazing. i’ll admit that i really only use it to heat my milk and maybe about a spoonful or two of the froth but it’s so thick and perfect i am blown away.

1. read more
2. give in to spin
3. thongs are wrong
4. laughter is the best medicine
5. you’ve got nail
6. laugh until i cry, run until ice cream
7. say yes to the best, and everything else
8. vote no on the right to bare arms
9. lipstick it to the man
10. don’t mess with tex…ting
11. get lait’d for next to nothing

Chicken Ragu- Ga Ragu

one of the things as a child that i will always fondly remember is my grandma with her huge cleaver sitting on the floor with a cutting board hacking away at chicken pieces for curry or ragu. now, even though i don’t/won’t do that i woke up with an intense craving for chicken ragu.

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nailed it: starlight starbright

with the closing of summer (even though it’s technically been fall for weeks), i thought it was appropriate to wave goodbye with some commemoration. this is the first time i tried doing this manicure and it was a little messy and off center, but i think a few more times and i’ll get the hang of it. it was fairly easy and only required two colors and some scotch tape cut into thin strips.

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phillies navidad

so i trekked to philadelphia, excuse me conshohocken, pa recently. after charming the hertz bus to drop us off at enterprise and renting a car for abnormally cheap (and finding out because it’s near impossible to park in philadelphia) we knew there was nothing to be done besides having a cheesesteak (which i kept calling a cheesecake) at two places that were open 24 hours and located across the street from each other. with curt service and quick order (whiz with, no please or thank yous) both places were packed.

first stop: Geno’s

second stop: pat’s which was my favorite of the two, mainly because you could get peppers, mushrooms and onions. geno’s only had onions but they gave you more meat and i tried birch beer for the first time which to be honest, i’m still not quite sure what it it.


while we were in philadelphia, we also stopped by morimotos because i hope we will never have to travel to conshohocken again, but we shall find out in two months. overall a cute trendy space with pretty good omakase dishes but disappointing nigiri.
*UPDATE* i just wanted to clarify that conshohocken itself was an adorable town and i wouldn’t mind visiting for pleasure. unfortunately, my visit was business oriented and i only hope never to return because it means that i would have to repeat an excruciating 8 hour test

all that glitters

i have been obsessing over the following items:


this adorable hello kitty pendant from swarovski (hint hint)


this cute necklace set that i use for a keychain. (the charms are fairly large)


this hilarious yet appropriate bff ring set from a few years back that i missed my chance on


lastly, my rings that make me smile and remind me of childhood